list two differences between amoeba and euglena?

1. absence and presence of photoreceptor.

2.locomatory  organs

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can u explain further plz..????

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1) amoeba has pseudopodia and an undefined shape, wheras euglena has a defined shape and a flagellum.

2) amoeba doesnot hav photoreceptors, euglena does.

3)euglena is both autotrophic n heterotrophic, whereas amoeba is only heterotrophic.

tums up!! :)

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Amoeba has pseudopodia for locomotion whereas euglena has flagella. Amoeba does not contain chrolophill whereas euglena contains chlorophyll.
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amoeba has false feet for movement bt euglena has flagella for movement. amoeba does not contain chlorophyll. euglena is dual organism nd known as biological puzzle bt amoeba does not called biological puzle
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