Look for these expressions in the story and guess the meaning from the context


attuned himself

queer rhythmic frenzy


flush of prosperity

daze of bewilderment

wide-eyed wonder and eager homage


talking animatedly

tremulous deliberation

on terms of a perpetual feud



  • Brusquely: It is an adverb which means blunt, rough or in an abrupt manner.

  • Queer rhythmic frenzy: Queer means a strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular.

  • flush of prosperity: Flush means a sudden abundance or spate of something. Thus, flush of prosperity here refers to gaining a lot of wealth and riches, suddenly.

  • wide- eyes wonder and eager homage: This phrase here examplifies the expression of wonder, awe, reverance and amazement which Srinath had on seeing Satyajit's wealth.

  • talking animatedly: This denotes an enthusiastic and excited way of talking. Everybody at Srinath's household, referred to as 'devotees' here, talk with vigour and high spirit on seeing the arrival of Satyajit.

  • on terms of a perpetual feud: This phrase means a matter of constant or long lasting feud or quarrel.

  • attuned himself: Attune means to become used to or get accustomed to. Thus, here, Satyajit is seen to have attuned himself to a list which enlisted things he thought to deny to. He wanted to quit a few habits like smoking. This he was attuning to.

  • Wrenching: Wrenching is the sprain or the twisting pain within a person. The only reason Satyajit was on the train was to avoid the wrench within him, to get away from the unbearable pain.

  • daze of bewilderment: Satyajit seemed perplexed and completely in a daze when a small girl came up to him to hang a garland round his neck. His bafflement is described here.

  • tremulous deliberation: Satyajit's shaky afterthought or a trembling consideration at the end of the story is revealed when he says: 'What now.'

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