‘Lost Spring’, is a sad commentary on the political system of our country that condemns thousands of people to a life of abject poverty. Comment.
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Dear Student,
Lost Spring” is a disheartening annotation on the political system of our country, a system which assails thousands of life through hopeless poverty. The two protagonists in this story are Saheb and Mukesh. With the help of their life story, the author gives an overview of the besmirched political system of our society and the country as a whole. The condition of the group of poor’s, who has always been pestered by the rich group for years, remains so. Slavery has repressed their power to protest against the group which harasses them. They never get a life of their dream. The paucity of money restrains them from breaking their shackles of bondage and starting something new. Even if someone from the group tries to rise, the society which is dominated by the rich class, the police, the middleman, the sahukars and last but in no condition the least are the politicians, harass him/her. The rich do not tolerate any kind of audacity to stand up against their authority. The luxuries of life, the justice, fulfilment of dreams are the names of those dishes which are served only in the plates of the people having the clout. Those are not meant for the downtrodden. 

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