Lucknow is at a distance of 300 km from Varanasi. A car start from Varanasi at a speed of 30 km/hour for Lucknow. A second car starts from Lucknow for Varanasi at a speed of 60 km/hour at the same time. Find the time after which both cars meet each other.

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Suppose both the car meet each other after time "t"hour.Distance between Luckhnow and Varanasi=300 kmSpeed of car travelling from Varanasi to Luckhnow=30 km/hourWe know that, Distance travelled = speed×timeSo, distance travelled by a car from Varanasi to Luckhnow in time "t"=30tSimilarly distance travelled by second car from luckhnow to Varanasi=60tSo, total distance covered =30t+60t =300 km90t=300t=30090=103 hour =313 hourTherefore both cars meet each other after 313 hours.

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