make a sentences using the words

  1. genial
  2. berating
  3. chiding
  4. stole
  5. termagant
  6. trudge
  7. patrimonial
  8. engrossed
  9. knoll
  10. keg
  11. apprehensive
  12. clearing

1. Rakesh could befriend any one due to his frank and genial disposition.

2. To be a good parent , one should avoid berating their children in public.

3. Satire is not an accusation, but chiding for the humanity.

4. Sujata stole Simrans' wallet under the garb of friendship.

5. The sales-man could not convince his termagant customer.

6. On Mondays I always unwillingly trudge to my class.

7. Mr. Sharma is not a self-made-man he claims to be, his wealth and property are patrimonial.

8. I am often so engrossed while reading a book, that I leave my phone unanswered.


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