Malavika visits an entertainment fair in Zedland where various gaming companies have set up their
stalls with lots of games. Guidelines at the entertainment fair are as follows:
I. There is only one cash counter, which is located near the entrance to the fair.
II. No cash transaction is allowed at any stall. Players can pay for the games using Gold cards
(worth 20 zeds) or Silver cards (worth 10 zeds).
III. Players can purchase the cards (as many as they want) only from the cash counter.
IV. A player can use either a Silver card or a Gold card to play any game once.
V. If a player wins a game played using a Silver card, the Silver card will be replaced with a Gold
VI. If a player wins a game played using a Gold card, the Gold card will be returned to the player
and a new Silver card will be given as a reward. Both the Gold and Silver cards can be used for
further games.
VII. However, if the player loses a game, the card used for the game will be forfeited.
VIII. Players can obtain cash refund for their cards at the cash counter. The refund value of a Silver
card is 8 zeds and that of a Gold card is 18 zeds.
Malavika paid 30 zeds and bought one Gold card and one Silver card. She used both the cards in the first
stall and won both the games. She did not want to repeat playing in the same stall. She took all the cards
she got from the first stall and used them in the second stall. She won all the games in the second stall too.
She again took all the cards she got from there and used all of them in the third stall. She continued this in
the subsequent stalls.
Question 16
If Malavika won every game she played, the number of cards of each type she will have with her when shecomes out from the third stall are
a) 5 Gold and 3 Silver cards
b) 3 Gold and 3 Silver cards
c) 5 Gold and 2 Silver cards
d) 3 Gold and 5 Silver cards

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