mam how to remember hormones names because it is too difficut to remember the name and which gland secreetes them?

@ Shivani : First of all don't panic. You will be able to learn them all. What all you need to do is to make a flow chart or table of all the hormones along with the glands which secrete them. Then paste this flow chart in front of your study table. And every morning and evening only devote 10min to read it. After reading it, close your eyes and try to recall which gland secretes which hormone. By doing so you will be able to learn them soon.

If your friends are also facing the same problem then you can make fun games related to this chapter. Like each of your friend make 10 cards of the hormones and 10 of glands, then one by one every one have to pick correct hormone and gland card from the given lot. Whosoever picks the wrong pair will be out of the game.

Hope this helps!!

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 I kno itz wen hard for me too..

only solution is a lot of written practice..tatz wat i do..:)

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