'Manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually helping conservation of forests.' Explain.

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In  the  manufacturing  of  synthetic  fibres,  we  use  no  material  from  natural  sources,  and,  thus,  in  turn,  we  conserve  forests  which  may  otherwise  will  get  destroyed.  When  we  use  articles  made  of  plastics  ,  we  also  save  thousands  of  trees  which  otherwise  have  to  be  cut  if  we  use  articles  made  of  wood  or  natural  fibres.

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Raw materials for natural fibres are mainly derived from plants and this means cutting a lot of trees. This leads to deforestation. But raw materials of synthetic materials are mainly petrochemicals. Hence, manufacturing synthetic fibres helps in the conservation of forests.

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manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually helping conservation of forests as is we use synthetic fibres they are more lighter and are easier to wash therefore they are made up of synthetic fabric and if we start using them it means that we are conserving our forests.

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The synthetic fibers have their origin in the oil (petroleum) and their processes pollute the enviroment.
In the other hand, the natural fibers increase the costs of the food and decrease the wildforest parks.
One solution is to recycle the cotton, the plastics and reduce the production of the oil products including the fabrics.

There is a new fabric from Dupont made of corn, also the ancient fabrics like Henequen, papire, linen, organic cotton and rayon (celluloise) are more requested by the Fashion Industry for clothing, home decoration and rugs for cars.
Another benefit is to have a healthy body, because the natural fabrics permits a natural transpiration.

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Raw material for natural fibres are mainly deprived from plants and this means cutting a lot of tress. This leads to be deforestation . but raw materia are mainly petrochemical, hence, manufacturing synthetic fibre is actually helping the conservation of plants...
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synthetic fibre made up of chemical
which are not found in forest so they
are conserving forest
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in the manufacture of synthetic we use nothing natural. we do not cut trees or plants for the usage or manufacturing of synthetic things. synthetic fibres are not consists of natural fibres in this way we conserve tree and forests. 
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The manufacturing of synthetic fibre is helping in the čõňśêřvąťįøñ őf fõřěšť . This is because the synthetic fibre are manufactured from petrochemicals, so no trees have to be cut down for making them .
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