Many elderly persons suffer with inflammation of joints which make movement painful
a) What are the 2 disorders which results in inflammation of joints?
b) Mention the different types of synovial joints

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Ans1. Causes of inflammation of joints: 

Ans2. These are the movable joints of the body. They allow movement. Synovial joints are further classified into six types:

i) Hinge joints: These joints are present where the convex surface of one bone is connected to the concave surface of another bone. They provide flexibility and extension. For example knee joints.

ii) Ball and socket joints: These joints are present where round head of one bone is fitted into the hollow cup shaped socket of another bone. In addition to flexion and extension, they allow internal and external rotation. For example: shoulder joint.

iii) Gliding joint: These joints occur where the surface of one bone slide over the another one. These allow gliding movements. For example: joints between carpal bones.

iv) Pivot joint: These joints occur where a bony ring rotates around the pivot axis or where the end of one bone rotates around the axis of another bone. For example: palm of the hand.

v) Saddle joint: These joints allow the back and forth and side to side movement. For example: saddle joint connects the bones of the thumb.

vi) Condyloid joints: These joints connect many different bones together. For example: these joints are present in neck region.


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