Match the following:-
I) marble cancer. A) pollutants
II) agents that pollute. B) weedicides ,pesticides
III)methane C) leads to degradatiob
IV)oxygen D) corrosion of marble
V)agricultural pollutants E) green house gs
VI)water suitable for drinking F)2m
VII)pollution G) potable water
VIII)smoket fog. H) smog
IX) ashthama
X) infrared. I) caused by smoke radiation
J) absorbed by CO2
Please do this tomorrow is my science exam

Dear student,
marble cancer corrosion of marble
agents that pollute pollutants
methane green house gas
oxygen 2m ???(please check the correct option )
agricultural pollutants weedicides ,pesticides
water suitable for drinking  potable water
pollution leads to degradation
smoke + fog smog
asthma caused by smoke
infrared. absorbed by CO2


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