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Q-- If we add two irrational numbers, the resulting number

1. Is always an irrational number

2. Is always an irrational number

3. May be a rational or an irrational number

4. always an integer

sum of two irrational numbers may or may not be irrational number.

for example:

let the numbers are

therefore its sum = is an irrational numeber.

case II: lat the numbers are  

therefore their sum = 7 is a rational number.

thus option (3) is correct.

hope this helps you.


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If  we  add  two  irrational  numbers,  the  resulting  number  may  be  a  rational  or  an  irrational  number.  So,  the  correct  answer  is  option  3.

For  example,  root  2  +  -root  2  gives  0,  which  is  a  rational  number,  while,  root  2  +  3 root  2  gives  4 root  2,  which  is  an  irrational  number.

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 for positive real number a and b

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 its obvisouly 3

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