Meena,Beena and Leenaare climbing the steps to the hill top. Meenais at step S, Beenais 8 step ahead and Leena7 steps behind. Where are Beena and Meena? The total number of steps to the hill top is 10 less than 4 times what Meenahas reached.. Express the total number of steps using S. ​​

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Here, Meena is at step s.Since Beena is 8 step ahead, so we have;Step at which Beena is = Step at which Meena is+8 =s+8Also, Leena is 7 steps behind, so we have;Step at which Leena is = Step at which Meena is-7 =s-74 times step at which Meena is = 4sAnd 10 less than 4 times step at which Meena is = 4s-10Now total number of steps = 10 less than 4 times step at which Meena is                                                 =4s-10Therefore, total number of steps is 4s-10

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total no of steps = (10-s)X 4
                          = 10-4s      
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