Mensuration is for producing for eggs that is used for fertilization. But once the baby is born then why this cycle don't stops? Then we don't need eggs or ova so this cycle should stop know. So why it continues till Menopause age?

My doubt is actually why this cycle continues till age of 50-60 i.e. Menopause age???

Dear Student,

After fertilization, the corpus luteum (formed from the remnant graafian follicle after ovulation) is retained to secrete progesterone which is essential for maintenance of the endometrium to facilitate further embryonal development and thus menstruation ceases. But in the absence of fertilization, the corpus luteum degenerates which causes disintegration of the endometrium leading to menstruation. 
It continues till age of 50-55 because till the time women can be considered as fertile as approximately 80,000 ova are present in ovary at the time of birth. 


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