Mention 4 uses of transpiration.

Transpiration helps plants in lowering their body temperature.

Transpiration helps plants in pulling water up from the soil through roots.

Transpiration helps in bringing minerals from the roots for biosynthesis.

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  • Spinifex has long growth which reducestranspirationin strong winds these are the first plants to colonize the sand dunes.
  • To prevent wind rock or excessivetranspirationtrim the leaves by about half.
  • Transpirationstream.
  • Comparison is also being made with a separate 50-year control run of the same model which did not include a planttranspirationterm.
  • Transpirationin plants?
  • Transpirationof water through the leaves.
  • The plants soak up moisture from the soil, then give the moisture back into the air through a process calledtranspiration.
  • Transpirationrate.
  • Surfacetranspirationalong a few regularly spaced sections of the bottom wall is used to control the flow.
  • They don't have a thick, waxy cuticle that preventstranspiration.
  • Transpirationefficiency of individual plants.
  • Symptoms include reduced root growth, and inhibition of various physiological processes includingtranspiration, respiration and photosynthesis.
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