Mention the different methods of growing crops to get maximum produce. Give one example

of each method. List the factors which are taken into consideration while deciding the choice of
crops for each method.

Different methods of growing crops to get maximum produce are as follows

Crop rotation


Mixed cropping


Crop rotation is the practice of growing two or more varieties of crops in the same region in sequential seasons. A common example of crop rotation is to cultivate maize followed by soyabean. This system also helps in preventing crops from pests and diseases. 

The crops selected for crop rotation in such a way that one crop enriches the soil with nutrients such as leguminous plants so that other crop can be non- leguminous.

 Intercropping allows farmers to grow two or more crops simultaneously in the same field in a definite pattern. For example, cauliflower and chilli plants are grown together in alternating rows. To ensure the maximum utilization of nutrients applied, crops are selected in such a way that their nutrient requirements are different. Other examples include soyabean and maize, finger miller (bajra) and cowpea (lobia) etc.

Mixed cropping is the  practice of growing two or more crops in which the component crops are totally mixed in the available space. For example wheat and gram. This ensures to get atleast some crops. There might be competition between the crops for food, space, light etc. The crops  almost of the same duration are selected. Spraying of pesticides is difficult in mixed cropping. On the other hand, spraying pesticides is quite easy in intercropping. 

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