mention three similarities and three difference between mitochondria and chloroplasts?

Similarities between mitochondria and chloroplast are: 
1. Both the organelles are covered by double membrane.
2. Both of the organelles have their own genetic material i.e DNA
3. Both of them have their own ribosomes and synthesise some of their own proteins.

Difference between mitochondria and chloroplast are:

Mitochondria Chloroplast
They are found in all eukaryotic cells like plants, animals, fungi. They are found in only photosynthetic eukaryotic cells like plant cells.
They contain respiratory enzymes. They contain photosynthetic pigments and enzymes.
They are the powerhouse of the cell. ATP synthesis takes place here. They are the kitchen of the cells. Photosynthesis occurs here and food is made from raw materials.
Mitochondria's inner membrane membrane is folded to form cristae. Chloroplast do not have such foldings. They have thylakoids inside them.

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