Meq of oxalic acid =Meq of KMnO4
V*0.1=250*8/100*3L6*1000=6.3 litres How mass is equivalent is this a formula??

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Equivalent mass is the mass of one equivalent of any substance.
Mathematically, it is calculated as follows.

Equivalent mass = Molecular massNumber of electrons gained or lost (n)Normality (N) = Gram equivalent weight of soluteVolume of solution (liter) = WeightEquivalent weightN1V1 = N2V20.1 ×V = 250 ×8100 × 31.6 × 1000 V = 6.3 liter

This question if from the concept of titration and in titration molar equivalent mass is equal in the equivalence point.

Hence, the correct option is (a).



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