• More easily liquefiable gases are adsorbed readily.


 Please explain the reason for the above phenomenon.

The van der Wall’s forces / molecular forces of attraction / cohesive forces are greater in easily liquefiable gases like NH3, SO2 etc. than permanent gases like H2, N2 etc. Due to this, easily liquefiable gases are adsorbed readily.Moreover, the critical temperatures of easily liquefiable gases are more than the permanent gases, therefore, higher is the critical temperature of the gas, greater is the extent of adsorption.

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 In case of easily liquefiable gases usually with high Critical temperatures are readily because the Van der Waal's formed in case of these gases are very strong specially near the Critical temperature.

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bcoz adsorption z a low pressure phenomenon n since easily liquifiable gases rquire low prssure 2 gt adsorbd as they gt liquified at low pressurs n hnce gt easdily adsorbd............

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residual attractive force decreases causing -ve value of delta S, so its exothermic and also causing -ve value of delta G .thats y this happens

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