mother kangaroo is playing a game with her baby. she covers a distance of 1 m in 1 jump and her baby covers a distance of half m in 1 jump. if mother kangaroo takes 1 sec to jump 3 steps forward and 1 step backward in another sec, then how many sec would she take to cover a cover of 11 m?

Dear Student,

In 1 step the kangaroo covers 1min 3 steps it would cover 3 mNow kangaroo takes 3 steps in 1 secondhence 3 m is covered in 1 secondand 1 step back in another secondHence in 2 seconds it covers 3-1 =2 metersin 8 seconds it woul cover 8 min 9th second it cover again 3 meter forwardHence total 8+3=11 meter are covered in 9 seconds


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