Mr. X is eating curd/ yoghurt. For this food intake in a food chain he should be considered as occupying 
1). first trophic level
2). second trophic level
3). third trophic level
4). fourth trophic level
its answer according to me should be fourth trophic level as first one are plants, second is cow, third should be bacteria which convert milk into curd fourth one should be the man eating the curd, but given answer is third trophic level. but how?

Dear student,

Mr X while eating curd occupies third trophic level i.e. secondary consumer.

Producer (grass)  – First trophic level
Primary consumer (cow) – Second trophic level
Secondary consumer ( man ) – Third trophic level

Here cow is eating grass (1st level). Grass transfers energy to the cow (2nd level). The cow is producing milk from which curd is prepared. The person (3rd level) is eating the curd. This means the energy is getting transferred from cow to man through curd (by product of cow).


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