My Chemistry practicals and Viva are on 4/2/13 and 5/2/13.Please provide some help on how to prepare for them because they are also very important.

For practicals, make sure you are aware of the experimental procedures for all the performed experiments. Performing these experiments in a stepwise and correct manner will help you in arriving at the correct results, especially with the qualitative analysis. As far as viva is concerned, generally questions about the experiment and the theory related to it are asked. For example, if you have been given a volumetric titration of KMnO4 Vs oxalic acid, you can be asked what are redox reactions, what are double salts, difference between double salts and coordination compounds etc.

It would be best if you go through the procedures of all the experiments once, thoroughly. Then, study the formulae (if required) and the theory related to these experiments. Also, the equation related to both volumetric and qualitative analysis are very important.

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