My last French lesson! Why, I hardly knew How to write!I should never learn anymore! I must stop there then! what do these lines mean?Why franz said that he must stop there and then!?

India is a country with a very poor literacy rate. In spite of all the government efforts to raise the level of literacy, the problem of school dropouts and rampant illiteracy still remains. The administration and the educationists of our country must have a clarity of vision of how to go about solving these problems, besides having a strong political will to do so.
They must bring about awareness among parents and children about the importance of education for removing backwardness and illiteracy. In this context, it is important that the affluent and well-off people need to give back to society by helping the government in such ventures. Government can use the educated youth to spearhead the process of removing this hurdle to progress by employing their services. This can be further speeded up by giving a stipend to such youths who volunteer for this task during their holidays.
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