NaCl gives a white precipitate with AgNO3 solution but CCl4 does not. Why?

NaCl is an ionic compound.So, it ionizes into Na+ and Cl- ions in solution.These Cl- ions combine with Ag+ ions of AgNO3 solution to form a white precipitate of AgCl.Whereas, CCl4 is a covalent compound and thus donot furnish Cl- ions in solution and hence donot form a white ppt. with AgNO3.
NaCl  Na+ + Cl-AgNO3  Ag+ + NO3-Ag+ + Cl-  AgCl                  (white ppt.)

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Nacl reacts with AgNO3 to form AgCl (a white precipitate) This happens because there are free Cl- anions as NaCl is ionic. But CCl4 is covalent and doesn''t ionise so doesn't give any precipitate.

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