Name the following:

1. Scientific name of cow and buffalo. 2. Exotic breeds of cows. 3. Local breeds of cows. 4. High milk yielding varieties of buffaloes.

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Answer for the last question is-

High milk yielding variety of buffaloe is Murrah

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The scientific name for a domestic cow is Bos primigenius. For the American bison, it is Bison bison. For African Buffalo, it's Syncerus caffer. For Wild Asian Water Buffalo: Bubalus arnee, and for Domestic Wild

asian Water Buffalo it is Bubalus bubalus.

The answer is Felis catus. All breeds of domestic cat, including the Exotic Shorthair, have the same scientific name.
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 1.bos indicus and bos bubalis 2.jersey,brown swiss 3.sahiwal,red sindhi 4. no idea

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