) Name the plant tissues found in the husk of a coconut and also identify the chemical which is responsible for its stiffness.

The husk of the coconut is made up of the sclerenchyma tissue which comprises of  dead cells with thickened cell walls due to deposition of  hemicellulose and lignin. This makes husk of coconut hard and stiff. That is why the husk of coconut is difficult to remove.

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it contains of cellulose & lignin

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The husk itself comprises of 35% of the part ofa full coconut. Husk is nothing but 60%-70% of choir dust.
Of this,fiber is 30% and husk is 70%., 30%-40% fiber on dry weight basis.
Of this,
Lignin and cellulose are the two tissues that are found the maximum in a coconut husk.
Indian and Srilankan husks are supposed yield high quality fiber to almost 60% of a husk.
Lignin is responsible for the color and choir stiffness.
Every choir is a combo of lignin and cellulose.The maturity of the coconut dictates the quality of the husk.When soaked husks are beaten manually, the best quality fiber can be obtained, suited for spinning and weaving.

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the tissue present is sclerencymatous or secondary meristm

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thank you

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tissue present is sclerenchma tissue and the chemical substance responsible for stiffness is lignin

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Sclerenchyma tissue
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