name the type of asexual reproduction in ginger

a ginger undergoes vegetation propagation- 

Vegetative propagation is the production of new plants from the vegetative parts of the plant. Roots, stems and leaves are called the vegetative parts of a plant. Vegetative propagation takes place by different methods like Leaf propagation, Root propagation, Underground stem propagation etc.    

Advantages of vegetative propagation

  • Vegetative propagation is an easier method than growing plants from seeds.
  • Vegetative propagation is used in plants which do not produce seeds.
  • Plants propagated through vegetative propagation require less time to grow.
  • Plants propagated through vegetative propagation are more uniform to parents.
  • Vegetative propagation helps in producing varieties in the plants.

​​​there are five steps under vegetation propagation:
  • a) Leaf propagation
    b) Root propagation
    c) Stem propagation
    d) Underground stem tuber propagation
    e) Underground stem propagation
​a ginger undergoes the "underground stem propagation"

Underground stem propagation: Ginger is an underground stem called as rhizome. It has lot of scaly leaves at nodes. These when buried under the soil gave rise to new plants. 

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A ginger undergoes vegetative propagation.
Its modes per V.P
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