NCERT - miscellaneous exercise  ch 10 Q-17

The end points of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle are (1,3) and (-4,1). Find the equation of the legs of the triangle.

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Here is the answer to your query.


Let the coordinates of the point of intersection of the remaining two legs of triangle by (x, y)

Now AB ⊥ BC

⇒ Slope of AB × slope of BC = –1

[Note: Locus of B is a circle with centre at and radius . Equation of circle will be shady in next chapter.]

Let (α,β) be a point satisfying the equation (1), In this case,

Equation of AB = y –3 =

and equation of BC is y – 1 =



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the answer as given in NCERT is x=1 and y=1. also, the concept of circle has not been introduced in the current chapter so we can't use that concept while solving questions of this chapter. but if u can provide the solution even by it then its fine as i have already read it.

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 our sir told us a trick at school.

that since the lines are perpendicular we can assume that the slope of one of the line is 0 and that of the other is 1/0.(i.e. htey both are parallel to the respective coordinate axis,but he failed to provide any justification for it) then the equation o the two lines will be

y-3=1/0 *(x-1)

or x=1



or y=1.

but i need the correct explanation for this assumption. becoz i think we just can't take it to be parallel to the coordinate axis.

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hey vibhav actually can we do anything by taking a perpendicular over AC juzz try dat way .... i got sumhow half ans ... hope u can make out d ans ... if u get dat plzz post here ..

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Dear Student!

The point (α, β) satisfying equation (1) represents the coordinates of the intersection of the legs.

It can be clearly shown that (α, β) = (1, 1) satisfies the equation (1).

In this case, equation of the line (leg) passing through A (1, 3) and B (1, 1) is x = 1.

Equation of the line (leg) passing through B (1, 1) and A (-4, 1)  is y = 1.


Hope, you can capture the proper concept.


Best wishes!!!

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yes its clear now. thANKS.

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thanx sir me too got it clear .....

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