Neeta and Geeta had deposited Rs.4800 in a bank account the ratio of the money the have saved is 3:2.Neeta spend some money now the balance in their account is in the ratio is much money spent?

Dear Student,

Money deposited by Neeta and Geeta=Rs. 4800
Let Neeta deposits =x Rs.
and thaat by Geeta be y Rs.
Money saved is in ratio 3:2
So, 3x+2y=4800
Neeta saved Rs (3×960)=Rs. 2880
Geeta saved Rs. (2×960)=Rs. 1920
Let Neeta spent a Rs.
Ratio after spending 5:4
So, 2880-a1920=54
So, money spent by Neeta= Rs.480


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