Nikita is practicing for the upcoming athletic championship. Suddenly while running, she sits down and starts crying because of pain in her legs. Monika immediately brings a water bath for her. a) Why did Nikita suddenly feel the pain in her legs while running? b) What should you learn from Monika?

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a. The  pain is due to the formation of lactic acid as a result of anaerobic respiration. In humans, during exercise, lack of oxygen may convert pyruvate into 3C compound lactic acid. Accumulation of lactic acid increases the acidity of the medium, this gives certain message to the nerves and the message is passed onto the brain, this results in pain.​

b. We get muscle cramps usually due to lack of oxygen in our muscles. Hot water bath or massage increases blood circulation which in turn improves oxygen supply to the muscles. As a result the cramp gets relieved.​

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a) because the muscles produced lactic acid
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because of running fast the demand of oxygen became more so she started doing anaerobic respiration so it started producing lactic acid which caused pain and fatigue and got released by taking a hot water bath
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dont know
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