"none of us would take advantage of anybody in the world,let alone steal." what is the meaning

It means that the boys would not have taken undue advantage of any person and stealing was something unimaginable for them. The Garoghlanian family was very poor,they had no money and their whole tribe was poverty-stricken. Every branch of the family was deeply mired in poverty and not even the old men in the family could fathom from where they got the money to provide for food in their bellies. But the family was famous for its honesty. The family had been famed for its honesty for close to eleven centuries, even when they were considered to be one of the wealthiest families. The people of the family were proud, honest and believed in strictly differentiating between right and wrong. They never took advantage of anybody nor did they steal from anyone. No member of the family could ever be a thief.

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