Note makingandabstraction

Note makingandabstraction a Ct ion (8 Marks) PASSAGE 2 taught to rely ia to suggestion •nithouv This is doubly e a-aracter. Mo:eÅver. such stimulation the stuff with which pills An mdividual who or, stimulations e run force of propagu,da is made his a majority of in West, reading, purposeless listening-in, to 103kång at films have psychological equival«ts of alcoholism morphinism- ere many of men who suffer if they are have to such a pitch that or tike the addict to a indulgence they indulge, they feel painfully and incomplete Even by intelligent it ts now taken for granted I nothing to at that such psychological addictLOnsa e omen now mcapable Of livmg on their own spiritual but fRt that the rnawrity of civilised m on How can children taught to upon luve become abjectly dependent and resist the temptatlOn to addicts, hexing addicts. addicts? spirit'_mJ terrain by making things, by musical First of all. they can be taught how to en purposeful study, by scien[itic obser.•ation. by the pnKtice of some art Eid on. But such ofthc hand is not enough. Along with the and skill must the will them the •n i of lea s t o m e an addict to of temptation to the I ne even under the press psychological drags. people will not wish to resist the« temptations they have a coherent philosophy of life. which makes it reasonable and right for them to do so, The method of heightening resistance to in training people to subject the diverse devices of the suggestion is purely intellectual and consists propagandists to critical analysis thing that educators must do is to the words currently in news'Npers. on platforms by preachers and broadcastcß_ Their critical analysis and constructive criticism should reach out to the children and the youth with such a cluity that they learn to react to forceful suggestions the right at the right time.

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Given below is a pattern of the note making. Kindly work on this outline.
  • Resistance to suggestions in two ways - children taught to rely on own internal resources &  training young people to subject diverse devices.
  • Dependence on external resources are in many forms.
  • Many men and women suffer distress when cut off from newspapers, television, radio etc.
  • Not indulging in these given them pain and they feel incomplete.
  • How children can be taught to rely on their spiritual resources?
    • taught to entertain themselves, by making things.
    • playing musical instruments
    • purposeful study
    • scientific observation
    • practise of some art
  • They must be given the will to use the above.
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