On her birthday seema decided to donate some money to children of an orphanage home. If there ware 8 children less, every one would have got Rs.10 more However, if there were 16 children more, every one would have got Rs.10 less. Using matrix method, find the number of children and the amount distributed by seema. 

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Let the amount distributed by seema be 'n' and no of children be x.So, amount each child got = nxIf there 8 children less, they would have got 10rs more. So,nx-8= nx+10nx=nx-8n+10x2-80x5x2-40x=4n .... (1) If there were 16 children more, every one would have got Rs.10 less. So,nx+16= nx-10nx=nx+16n-10x2-160x5x2+80x=8n .... (2)Dividing (2) by (1) , we get5x2+80x5x2-40x=25x2-160x=0x=32Subsituting in (1) , we getn=960

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