on the basis of thomson's model of an atom explain how the atom is electrically neutral ?

Thomson model of atom is known as plum pudding model. His atomic model suggested that atom is not an indivisible as it was of smaller pieces – electrons and protons. According to Thomson’s atomic theory:


1. An atom is having sphere of positive charge with negatively charged electron fixed on it.

2. The positive and negative charges in an atom are equal in magnitude because of which an atom is electrically neutral. It has no over all negative or positive charge.


As per Thomson’s consideration, the positive and negative charges in an atom balance each other making the atom neutral.

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thomson's theory said that.....

  • Atom is overall a positively charged sphere in which electrons are embedded .
  • Atom as whole is nutetral because negitive and positive charges balance each other.



it can be said according to thomson's model of an atom that atom as whole is electrically nuetral.

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