On which phenomenon does the temperature of a solid body depend?

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The quantity of heat in a solid body determines its temperature

Substances expand on heating and contract on cooling. If you heat a body, it alters its dimensions. Thermal expansion can be defined as the change in the length, width, height, or volume of any material on changing the temperature. Thermal expansion is very evident in solids as atoms are densely packed.


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the expansion of solid body depends upon the force applied and the elasticity of the body and mostly solid bodies show plasticity that is they don't how much elasticity that also some external factors that affect the expansion of a solid body such as temperature
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The expansion of solid body is proportional to the temperature rise and to its length.

As, l′=l0​(1+aΔt)
Therefore, the expansion of a solid depends on both nature (a)and temperature (Δt) of the solid.

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