once upon a time dring during an athlete meet in stadium .8 girls were getting ready fr the race . with the sound of d pistol . all girls started running . hardly they covered 10 to 15 metres when accidentally one girl slipped and fell .due to the pain the girl started crying as soon as the other 7 girls heard her cry all of dem stopped running stood for a while and turned back and ran towards her suddenly the girls returned to her pacified her joined their hands together and reached the finishng line the officials were shocked to see such scene and unity nd quite a many eyes were filled with tears 
based on the above passage answer the follwng questions 
1. what values do they teach ?
2.what quality girls have shown by walking together ?
3. what was so special baout this race ? this a value based question in cbse i hope you can help me out with d perfect ansers for d same ..it is for physical educatuion but i felt it is more of general knowledge ..plese provide with the best answers for d same as soon as possible ..thanks a lot in advance meritnation experts :) please do as fast as you can :)

a) girls teach us value the in sports winning is not important taking part play an important role
b) girl showed quality of sportsmanship and unity amongst others
1. the race is an extramural activity
2. the start took by girls was wrong they must take proper start whether bunsh elongated or medium
3. the race was above 800m as below that track event is not race they are sprint
4. the track on which girls was running was slippery as the case says the girl "slipped" and in sports activity in no case track or field can be slippery

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can you tell me rhe answer for the question that why tge angle for short put javelin and discuss throw is different
the query is from the sample paper only
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this is because of d shapes and sizes of dese equipments :)
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and also because of angular movement...
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Give one most imp mechanical diff btween walking nd running .. (from sample paper)
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even I want to know the answer
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Which book have u guyz preferred for p.ed ?
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Arihant chapter wise soln and prachi publications
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is it good ? my school did nt teach us anyting :( 
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what is d formulato calculate harvard test results 
please tell me in steps nd also d formula as soon as possible 
fr 10 th ques in sample paper 2015
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and also pls tell me d answer for all 0ne marks plesae request 
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