One example of no-cost production, high cost rpoduction and low cost production. Please explain no-cost production also.

1. No cost production means that all the nutrients required for the production of crops are supplied from the natural environment. There is no need of adding the nutrients like fertilisers, water by irrigation from the out side. The crops are grown as such on the soil and allowed to grow on their own. The crop plants utilise all the nutrients from air, soil and rainfall which are all free of cost.
2. High cost production is the crop production involving modern and costly agricultural practices and implements. For example, crop production that utilises costly fertilizers, pesticides, machines like tractors etc.
3. Low cost production means the crop production that utilises less capital. It depends on the natural techniques and resources. For example, organic farming that depends on techniques like crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control.

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