onion has16 chromosome. can you tell how many chromosome will the cell have at G1 phase and after s phase

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Onion has 16 chromosome number. At G1 phase it will have 16 chromosome number and also at S phase it will have 16 chromosome number. Chromosome number do not change during S phase but amount of DNA doubles during S phase. Since duplication of DNA occurs at S phase therefore the amount of DNA increases from 2n to 4n.

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Each daughter cell will have 8 chromosomes.
Spindle fibers help separate the chromosomes during mitosis.
The root tip is a good place to look because new cells are constantly needing to be generated there. The root loses a lot of cells as it pushes through the soil.
It is a poor term because cells during interphase are never truly at rest. Interphase is a time of cell growth and all the DNA replication is done and also during interphase preparation for mitosis begins.
You could find a large number of dividing cells anywhere there is an open wound. Cells will divide to cover the wound. They continue to divide until they come in contact with other cells thus closing up the wound

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