Oxygen do not form dichloride and di bromide why?

Oxygen do not form dichloride and di bromide why? exct:pnonally stable Ior Arnongst tetrafluorides. SF. Isa gas. SeFeAiiqu'd mese fluorides have sp'd hybridisation and thus, have structures in Which one of the equator.4 a-cu paed by a lone pair of electrons. This geometry , All elements except oxyqen form dichlorides and di6an&s dihalides are forrned by sp hybridisation and thus. have sa-•acture. me well known monohalides are dimeric nature are S2C12. S2Brz, SeaC12 and SeaBra. These dimeric hahdes disproportionation as given below: 2SezC12 secu + 3Se Cxam : 1--12Te. Why? ease in bond (E—H) dissociation goup. acidic character increases.

Dear student, 
Oxygen doesn't form dichloride and dibromides because of small size of oxygen and oxygen is more electronegative compared to bromine and chlorine. 
Hence dibromides and dichlorides of oxygen doesn't exist. 

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