oxygen is critical for aerobic respiration .Explain its role with respect to ETs .

Aerobic means in the presence of oxygen. aerobic respiration is an enzyme mediated energy liberating catabolic process of step wise oxidative breakdown of organic substrate inside the living cells into carbon dioxide and water with oxygen acting as a terminal oxidant.
In complex IV of  ETs electrons are handed over to cyt c1, from cyt c1 to cyt c, cyt c to cyt a and cyt a3. cyt a3 containes two copper centers. both cyt a and cyt a3 funtion as cytochrome oxidase and hand over the electrons to oxygen. oxygen is able to diffuse into inside of mitochondria. it is converted to anionic form. O2- or O". O" combines with 2H+ and forms metabolic water . this is the role of  oxygen in ETs.

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