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10. Water vapours that form in various steps of water cycle are actually a form of air. So, air does play a role in water cycle.‚Äč Steps of water cycle where water vapours are involved are:
  • Water molecules change into water vapours and move up the atmosphere by the process of evaporation.
  • The excess water absorbed by plant roots is released through the pores on the surface of leaves by the process of in form of vapours by transpiration.
  • Water vapours move upward, cool down in the higher atmosphere and form clouds.
  • Water vapours change into water droplets. When enough water droplets accumulate, they fall down as rain to add back water.

11. Soil contains air can be proved by the following experiment:
Take a pot, put some soil in it and pour water into the soil.
Observation: We observe bubbles in the soil when water is poured gently into it.
Inference: The air that was trapped in the soil escaped to form bubbles.
Conclusion: This activity proves that soil contains air.  

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