Please answer fill in the blanks

​Q5. Fill in the blanks 

   (a) ________ × 73 = 73 × 24

   (b) Whole numbers are closed under _________ and _______operation.

   (c) Division by __________ is not defined.

   (d) __________ is the identity for multiplication.

   (e) If _________ is added to a number, the sum will remain the same. Hence ________ is called ______ in the whole numbers.

Dear student,

5a) 24 ×73=73×24b) Whole numbers are closed under addition and multiplication.c) Division by 0 is not defined.d) 1 is the identity of multiplicatione) If 0 is added to a number the sum remains the same. Hence 0 is calledAdditive identity  in the whole numbers.


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