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Dear Student,
On the last day, Monsieur Hamel was much more invested in his work, as if he wanted to impart all his knowledge in one day. He explained everything with a lot of patience, to put all his knowledge into their heads at one stroke. Post the grammar lesson, there was a lesson in writing and M. Hamel had brought new copies for them to write in. These copies were written in a beautiful round hand-France, Alsace, France, Alsace. As everyone set to work, M Hamel sat motionless in his chair and gazed first at one thing, then another, as if he wanted to fix how everything was in the school as the last measure before he had to leave. There was an urgency in his work that day and wish to fill them in with as much knowledge as possible.
In the last lesson, M. Hamel asked all his pupils to value and learn their native language as it is the key that can safeguard them in times of enslavement and captivity.

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