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Steps of construction: 1. Draw a line segment XY equal to AB+AC+BC = 11 cm2. Make angle equal to B = 70° from point X. Let the angle be LXY3. Make angle equal to C = 60° from point Y. Let the angle be MYX4. Bisect LXY and MYX. Let these bisectors intersect at a point A.5. Make perpendicular bisector of AX. Let it intersect XY at point B6. Make perpendicular bisector of AY. Let it intersect XY at point C7. Join AB &AC ABCis the required triangle.


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1) Draw XY for 11 cm
at X draw 70/2 = 35 degrees to XY
at Y draw 60/2 = 30 degrees to YX
These two lines would meet at A
Draw perpendicular bisector to XA and when extended it would intersect XY at B
Draw perpendicular bisector to YA and when extended it would intersect XY at C
Now join AB and AC
we have triangle ABC
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