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Q.  The chapter 'The portrait of lady' displays the sad reality of old age in which the people face loneliness and seclusion. It gets you thinking about the pain of old age. Write an article about the struggle and pains of old age in about 200 - 250 words

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Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- The empty nest syndrome refers to feelings of loneliness and helplessness experienced by the senior citizens when their children move out of home for various reasons.
- The ideal situation is for the elderly to stay with their children or grandchildren.
- Family care can never be substituted by any other person or institutionalised care.
- But, the constraints of a job can often keep the kids away in metro cities or even in foreign land.
- At that time, the aged parents are left alone.
- In old age health and finances might be issues that require attention.
- Old people also require special moral support and love and care.
- Perhaps, a close relative can stay with the old parents.
- Domestic help can be arranged to look after the elderly.
- There are some very good old-age homes that take care of their needs.
- But, the best solution would still be for the children to look for options that can allow their parents to stay with them


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It explains the life stages of which a female goes through ... while the chapter produces a slight different explanation of the phrase? as it's primarly focused on the author's grandmother of how the grandmother whom he worshipped as god nourished him with love and care fillng the space of his mom and dad who went abroad to try their luck his grandmother has given him the necessary moral values . provided him with a good living in her capabilities . helped him in his primary education in a contrast of he worshipping his grand mother as god., the author gets offended when he sees a painting / photo of his grand dad finding out that his grandmom was also young at some age . and she had a husband too .while when the story is moving towards its end its shown that the grandmnother gets shifted with her son and his wife .while now the author joins a good school ,doesnt has time to stay with his grandmother neither she can help him in her studies now .it has been shown that in the last days of her life where everyone ignores hell ...not deliberately ...but yes !she's been seen in the company of birds (crows or i dont remember) throwing dood bits at them , spending time with them being all alone and one final day . she passes away ..and again aas the story moves forward ...the only ones who felt her absence were the birdsso thats the tile ...showing the different phrases of a LOVING GRANDMOTHER.
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