Please answer Q9 and 13

Please answer Q9 and 13 CHAPTER • MENSURATION A)MtATIP1.E QUEST'ONS QI Distance covered along the boundary of a closed figure is called its a) c) volume ofa Square of side 14 cm is a ) 90 sq c m b) 1 96 c m Q3 The side of a square whose perimetet is 32 m is 16m Q4 Perimeter of a regular pentagon Of side 9 c m is b) 45 sq cm c) 54 sq cm d' polygon d) 144 sq cm d) 3.2m d) 54 cm QS The area Ofa rectangle is 126 sq. meter and its length is 12m , The breadth Of the rectangle is a) 10m SHORT ANSWER OUESTIONS Q6- Find the length of rectangle , whose breadth is cm and perimeter is 50 cm Q7. Find the perimeter of rectangle whose length is 16, S cm and breadth is 6 cm. 8, The cost of fencing around a squarc field at Rs35 per meter is Rs 4480 Find the length of each side. Q9. Find the-radius ofa circle whose circumference is 176cm, QIO. The area Of-a room is 216sq m and its breadth is 12m. Find the length of the room. LONG ANSWER OUESTIQNS QI l. Calculate the perimeter of the following figures. a) 4 cm b) 2 cm 4 cm 4 cm 3 cm 3 cm 3 cm Q 12. The area Of a rectangle is 540 sq cm and its length is 36 cm. Find its breadth and perimeter. QI 3 ind cost of whitewashing a wall of rectangular hall at rs 6 per meter, if length and breadth of hall are 60 m and 50 Q 14. Afårmer has a rectangular field g' Iength and breadth 240 und 180 m respectively. He wants if with 3 rounds Of rope. What is the total length of rope he must use? Q 15. Sweetie runs around a square park of'side 75 m. Bulbul runs around a rectangular park with length 60 m and breadth 45 m. Who covers less distance?

Dear Student,
Circumference of a circle= 2πr         (where r is the radius of the circle)
Given that circumference is 176 cm, we have to find the radius
176=2×227×r176×722×2=rr=28 cm

To find the cost of white-washing a wall we will have to find the area of the wall
Area of rectangle= length×breadth
                            = 60m × 50m
To find the cost of white washing- cost per metre square× area of the wall
                                                    = 3000×6
                                                    = Rs 18,000
In the question it is mentioned as 6 per metre but we have taken it as 6 per metre square because for white washing you have to find out the area


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