Please answer Question number 14 and 15.

  Q14. Identify the sentence which is grammatically correct.

      (A) They have placed order for books.

      (B) From which train did you come?

      (C) The Brahmaputra has overflown its bank.

      (D) It is a five-man committee.

      (E) None of these

 Q15. Arrange the sentences between Sl and S6 to give the correct sequence of the following story.

      ​S1: A man handed a pair of trousers to a depart- mental store clerk and said, "I'd like to have these altered , please."

       P : The clerk said that free alteration is not possible without a receipt.

       Q: The man said, " Okay, I'd like to return the trousers." The clerk took them back and re- turned the money.

       R: The man pushed the money and said, " Now I want to buy them". The clerk put the trousers in a bag, issued a receipt and handed him both.

      S : The clerk asked for the sales receipt but after searching his pockets the man replied that he had lost it.

      S6 : Triumphantly he put the trousers and the receipt on the counter and said, "I'd like to have these altered, please."

      (A) SPQR                                        (B) PQRS

      (C) QRSP                                        (D) PQSR

14. C

15. B

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