Please answer these:
6. Explain the difference between mass and weight.
(b)Near the surface of the earth, the pull of gravity is about 10 N on each kilogram.
(i) What is the name for the unit represented by N?
(ii) What is your weight if your body has a mass of 55 kg?
(iii) The pull of gravity on a beetle is 0.001N.
Calculate the mass Of the beetle in grammes.

Dear Student ,
Mass is the measure of the inertia of the body. It arises due the total atomic content of the body, namely the constituents of its atoms. Mass is the universal quantity of the matter which remains unaltered irrespective of the place wherever me measure it.
The SI unit of mass is 'kilogram' (Kg)

weight of a body is the gravitational force acting on it.


If a body of mass 'M' kg is kept somewhere and acceleration due to gravity at that place is 'g' then the gravitational force acting on the body will be Fg= Mg
This 'mg' is the weight of the body.
Weight has units of 'Kgf' or 'Newton'

-weight of a body changes with the change in the value of 'g'
-weight of the body is not the universal quantity.

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