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Ans1. Definition- We know the envelope of different gases surrounding the earth is known as the atmosphere. It extends up to a few thousand kilometres. The pressure exerted by the weight of these gases in the atmosphere is known as atmospheric pressure.


1. Take a plastic bottle.2. Fix a small glass tube a little above the bottom of the plastic bottle.3.We can do this by heating one end of the glass tube slightly over a burner and then inserting this hot end quickly into the wall of the plastic bottle.4. We should seal the joint of the glass tube with plastic bottle by using molten wax so that water does not leak from the joint.5. Tie a thin sheet of rubber tightly on the open end of glass tube.6. Now, fill half of plastic bottle with water. We will observe that on filling water, the rubber sheet tied to the mouth of the glass tube gets stretched and bulges out.7. The bulging out of rubber sheet tied to the glass tube fixed in the wall of plastic bottle demonstrates that water present in plastic bottle exerts pressure on the wall of the bottle(or side of the bottle).8. It is the sideways pressure exerted by water which inflates the thin rubber sheet forming a bulge.9. If we pour more water in the plastic bottle to increase its depth, we will see that the bulge in the rubber sheet increases.10. This indicates that the pressure exerted by water increases with increasing depth.11. From this activity we conclude that: (i)A liquid exerts pressure on the walls (or sides) of its container, and (ii)The pressure exerted by a liquid on the walls (or sides) of its container increases with increasing depth.

Ans2. Definition- Force is defined as a push or pull on the object which causes change in motion or change in shape of the body or it is an influence which has tendency to change motion or shape of the body.

Factors affecting the effect of force-

  • The amount of force applied. The more the force applied the greater will be the effect of force.
  • The area on which the force is applied. The smaller the area on which the force is applied on, the greater will be the effect of force.
The types of forces involved:
  • Muscular force is applied by horse to move the cart.
  • Electrostatic force is applied by the plastic comb when rubbed on dry hair to attract small pieces of paper.
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A force is a push or pull that causes an object to speed up,show down,change shape or change direction.
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No no i was asking that on which factors does the effect of force depends
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Push or pull
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On these factors the force is depend
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No please experts answer this question the answer is wrong i had also written push or pull but mam told the answer is wrong
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