Dear student 

Here are some points to be taken into consideration. 

1. Please write notes for each paragraph. It is suggested that you make more points for each paragraph.

2. The notes you have prepared contains erroneous information.

For example - 

1.a. The paragraph states that students do not acquire literacy and numeracy skills. This is quite different from inadequate skills. 
1.b This fact is incorrect. You have stated that only 40% is literate while the paragraph says 40% is illiterate. 
2.b This point is illegible and could not be checked. 

3. A suitable title has been asked for the entire passage, which has not been provided. 

4. There are grammatical mistakes that should be considered in the summary. Here is what the corrected summary would look like, after correcting grammatical and factual errors. 

Summary - 

90% of our primary schools are run by the government. Of these, most are non-performing. The performance of these schools is poor. It should be noted that 40% of our nation is illiterate. 25% of primary school children do not go to school. Half of our students fail in their board exams and they have poor English and linguistic skills. 


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