Dear student 

1. In note making, it is suggested that you make more points for each paragraph.

2. Make sure that you have understood the paragraph before you give it a title. For example, a more appropriate title for the first paragraph would be "The ideal way to learn English"

3. Even points in note making should be grammatically correct. For example - 

1.a. English can be spoken if heard every day.
b. talking to English speakers is beneficial. 

2.a. Books should also be read to improve English. 
b. Reading improves your vocabulary.

4. Make sure you create similar notes for the third paragraph as well. 

5. Summary - 

To improve our knowledge of English, we must speak with English speakers and hear it being spoken every day. We should not depend on just exams. We must also do some reading of our own. By doing this we can learn new words and sentences. 


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